Terms of use

Service terms and conditions

When purchasing goods on our site, you (hereinafter referred to as "the buyer") agree to the following terms:


  • Resale and Use of Keys: You are allowed to resell keys, use them for personal purposes, distribute, and use them for other purposes that do not violate Steam's policy.

  • Continuous Warranty on Keys: The warranty applies from the moment of purchase until the key is activated by you or your buyer.

  • Obligation to Check the Product: The buyer must check the received product within 30 minutes from the moment of receipt.

  • Restrictions on Returns and Exchanges: Working purchased goods are not eligible for return or exchange. We cannot accept back previously purchased keys, as we cannot guarantee that the keys will not be activated in the future. Safety standards are maintained at all stages of key storage in our store, ensuring they have not been stored by third parties.

  • Recommendation for Video Recording: When purchasing keys for personal use, it is recommended to make a continuous video recording from the moment of purchase to its verification. This will expedite the key verification process. In the absence of video proof, the buyer agrees to wait up to 3 days for the key verification.

  • Cases with Removed Games: If a game's page has been removed from Steam, but the keys can still be activated, it does not constitute a warranty case. The store reserves the right to act at its discretion.

  • Customer Support: Customer support operates 7 days a week. Response time can reach up to 20 hours.

  • Changes in Terms: Discounts, promotions, and rules are subject to change. Keep an eye on updates on our website.

  • Purchase Security: Purchases must be made exclusively through the website. Offers to buy the product "off-site" are considered fraudulent. The store does not refund money for lost purchases under such circumstances. Please verify links and contact details.

  • Pricing: The price displayed on the website may differ from the actual price depending on the chosen payment method.

  • Agreement with Terms: By making a purchase, you automatically agree to the above terms.


Return Policy

  • Flexible Exchange Policy: If the purchased key turns out to be non-functional, we offer an exchange option. Details on the exchange process are outlined on the User Agreement page.

  • Limited Return Conditions: We aim to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. However, the return of keys after purchase is restricted to prevent unauthorized use. We guarantee support for any activation and usage questions regarding the keys.

  • Exceptions for Removed Games: If a game's page has been removed from Steam but the keys can still be activated, this does not serve as grounds for a return. Our store reserves the right to determine appropriate actions in such situations.

  • Purchase Security: Purchases should be made exclusively through our official website. We caution against the risk of fraud when buying through intermediaries. The store is not responsible for lost funds under such circumstances.